Tips For Preventing Mildew And Mold From Forming In A Basement

When your home has a basement, there's a possibility that mildew and mold could grow in it. This is because conditions are ideal, with it being cold, dark, and potentially wet from water leaking in. These tips will help deal with mildew and mold contamination.

Remove The Contaminant

In order for mold to grow, it needs to have moisture in the air and a source of food. That's why it's so important to remove contaminants in your basement. This includes wood that is rotting, boxes that are wet, and drywall that has become moist. Leaving these items in the dark and without ventilation could cause the mold to form.

Running a dehumidifier in your basement is a great idea if mold growth is a concern to you. You have control over removing the wet items, but without a dehumidifier, the moisture in the air will continue to be a problem.

Repair The Water Leak

Moisture in your basement is most likely due to a leak that is causing water to get inside of it. A key to keeping mold out of your basement will be to fix the leak so that water cannot get inside.

Check the foundation of your basement for potential cracks that are allowing water to get inside. You may find a trail of water stains on the floor that are leading to a wall where there is a small crack that can be repaired. There could be gutters without an extended downspout, causing water to pool around your home's foundation and cause the water seepage.

While extending downspouts may be all that you need to do, serious damage will require professional waterproofing to repair it for good.

Remove Mold Spots

If the mold has formed from water that pooled on the floor, cleaning it up may be as simple as washing the area with a bleach cleaning solution and hot water. Unfortunately, porous materials will be much harder to clean by yourself. Wood that has become saturated could require removing the material and replacing it, or contacting a mold remediation company to treat the building material for you. It is the best way to ensure that all of the mold is gone from your home, since porous material can be quite difficult to work with.

Professional help will also be needed when you experience major flooding that simply causes too much damage. Mold can be harmful if you breath it in, so you'll want to avoid doing the clean up process for the sake of your own health. Contact a business, such as Armstrong West, for more information.