4 Basement Improvements To Reduce Water Damage Problems In Your Home

If your home has been damaged by water, there is a lot of work to do for the restoration. Some of these things can include remodeling your basement. The basement of your home is an area that is susceptible to many problems, such as waterproofing failure and plumbing problems. This is why there are many different systems that you need in your basement. There are also improvements that you may want to do when doing repairs. Here are some of the improvements that you may want to consider when doing water damage restoration in your basement:

1. Improve The Exterior Of Your Home For Better Drainage

There are many different problems that can cause water to get in your basement. Many of these problems start outside of your home with things like poor landscape design. You may want to consider redesigning your landscaping for better drainage. In addition, improvements to gutters and other areas where runoff goes to your foundation, can help to reduce potential problems with static water pressure.

2. Upgrade Your Foundation Drainage System With Interior Drain Tiles

The foundation drainage system of your basement is water diverts water away from your home to protect you from static pressure problems. These are often exterior systems that only deal with groundwater drainage. If you want additional protection for your basement, you may want to have drain tiles installed in the interior of your basement to deal with other moisture problems, such as condensation.

3. Install A Larger Sump Pump And Well To Deal With Basement Water Problems

In addition to an interior drain system, you will need to have a sump pump to deal with any water that goes to the system. If you already have a sump pump for plumbing in your basement, you may want to consider adding a larger pump and well to handle the plumbing and any water that may get in the basement.

4. Use An Interior Design That Is More Resistant To Water Problems In The Basement

Once you have all the systems in place to protect your basement from water, you will be ready to start finishing it. When you do this, consider using an interior design that is more water resistant, such as tiles and wall finishes like brick. You can also use vinyl wall coverings and composite trim materials to protect your basement from water damage.

These are some of the improvements that you may want to consider when doing restoration work in your basement. If you need help cleaning up and repairing your basement, contact a water damage restoration contractor, like Accutech Restoration, to ensure your basement does not have future problems.